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Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing

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Maybe you have discovered a once beautiful hardwood floor under some recently removed carpets? or maybe you are moving into a home in which the floors have seen better days? Maybe even your floors are in decent shape, but you just want to change the color? At Admired Home Improvements we specialize in bringing those old tiered floors back to life! With dustless hardwood floor refinishing, we can repairing and or refinish your floors to better then new condition. no need to replace good hardwood flooring because of dents, scratches, chips or discoloring. Traditionally sanding and refinishing hardwood floors has been an extremely dusty process, creating a mess in your home and clean up headaches that feel like they never end. Not to worry! Admired Home Improvements utilizes a state of the art dustless hardwood floor refinishing system, which consists of powerful vacuums. These powerful vacuums are connected all of our sanding equipment and capture all Airborne dust generated during the sanding and refinishing process.



Free In-Home Inspection & Estimates

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We offer free, in-home estimates and design consultations and complete explanation of our dustless hardwood floor refinishing system. Because the choices in colors, textures and styles are so numerous, by spending some time with you and establishing your needs, tastes and style. We will then create a hardwood floor that best suits you, your budget and your expectations. We look for any areas that need to be repaired or replaced, water damage, dents and deep scratches that need extra attention during the dustless hardwood floor refinishing process. Than We will provide an on-site assessment, address any potential issues, answer all of your questions and walk you through our dustless hardwood floor refinishing process and provide you with a no obligation written price quote for refinishing the floors in your home. Just call us at 973-296-2863 or email us at any time. We are here to help.


Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process

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If you have carpet or any floor covering on your hardwood floors at this time, the first step is to remove it. We provide floor covering removals, including the disposal of all related materials.



At this time, all repairs, which sometimes require the replacement of existing boards with undamaged, reclaimed or new wood, occur before the sanding process. Do not worry about the wood not matching, we will find an exact match to your existing floors.


Dustless Sanding

To remove the floor finish, including any build up of wax or dirt, we use coarse grit sandpaper, working up to a finer grit. Thoughtful sanding will ensure the minimum amount of actual wood is removed from your floors. The depth of the sanding will be influenced by the overall condition of the floor including the existence of deep scratches, dents and stains. Our dustless hardwood floor refinishing system ensures dust, finish, dirt and wax is contained at the sanding source before becoming airborne. Keeping your home clean and free of contaminants.



Buffing the entire hardwood floor with an abrasive screen blends the remaining fine sanding marks to make them virtually invisible to the unaided eye. Buffing also ensures that your floors will have the smoothest surface possible.



At this point, if a stain has been selected, the staining process begins. To help choose the color that best fits your style; we will install a medium size test area on your floor. We maintain an inventory of all Minwax stain colors in our vans which allows us to provide several color samples on your floor. You will know exactly what the final outcome will be for the colors your may be considering – no trying to guess off little stain charts or sample boards.


Finishing Process

Your choice of either 2-3 coats of professional grade oil-based polyurethane or 2-4 coats of the best water-based polyurethane finish are applied over the course of the next couple days. You also have the choice of different "sheens" which ultimately will give you the decision of how shiny or glossy you want your floors to be. The options are commonly matte, satin or, high gloss. Drying times will vary depending on your choice of stain color, oil-based or water-based polyurethane, and weather conditions. Between each coat of finish, the floors will be buffed with an abrasive screen and the perimeter of the floors hand-sanded in preparation for the next coat.

Before and After Floor Refinishing

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