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More Flooring Services Available

Admired Home Improvements does not just install floor coverings to residential, commercial and industrial properties. We also provide other services such as existing floor demolition (rip-ups) using our state of the art terminator machines. If your sub floor is un-level, rotten or, damaged we have the expertise to remove your old subfloor and install a new one with ease. We also can install heated floors (radiant heated floors) in any area you would desire. We offer floor moisture mitigation to protect your property from mold and also protects your new floors. We also level floors out prior to installing new coverings using various self-leveling techniques. Give us a call at 973-296-2863 or email us at for a free in home estimate.



Floor Rip-Ups

Admired Home Improvements offers a complete flooring removal service, from conception to clean-up. We can take it all away: Hardwood, Concrete, Ceramics, Stone, VCT, Carpet, Laminates, Sub-Floors, Underlayment’s and any combination in between. Our skilled and compassionate crew will be there for you every step of the way. We know that floor removal projects can not only be difficult, but time-consuming; and because we know how valuable your time and your money are, we utilize the very best equipment to make each and every project more time/cost-effective, including THE TERMINATOR, the biggest, baddest flooring removal equipment in the business. No matter what your old floor is made out of, this machine will chew through it like a hot knife through butter. This beast is indeed the Cadillac of demo work!

We have the best quality, commercial, industrial, and institutional flooring systems available in the world. Our highly trained professional employees are ready to assist you in identifying and supplying the type of flooring system that your facility requires. Our standard of excellence and devotion to customer satisfaction is apparent in our extensive client list. Our pricing is highly competitive as well. With our experienced crew and state of the art machinery we can finish each and every job with limited dust and noise by getting the job done quickly ahead of schedule.




Subfloor Repair / Replacement

Nearly all floor covering failures are caused by improper subfloor preparation. When you are faced with a difficult subfloor repair or replacement, trust Admired Home Improvements team to provide advice, corrective expertise, and installation expertise that will provide permanent sub floor solutions and long lasting finished floor coverings. We are subfloor replacement & repair professionals, experienced in substrate repair and reinforcement over all types of framing. The most common area to have subfloor and/or substrate issues is with elevated floors. Plywood was often used to create the subfloor in older buildings, and even the lightweight concrete used today presents its own unique characteristics. Plywood will rot due to moisture, warp in excessive moisture or heat, and wear down over time. Rest assured that with Admired Home Improvements we can remedy these issues for you. Admired Home can help you with any subfloor or substrate related problem. We believe that a job should be done right the first time. Please call us at (973) 296-2863 or email us at



Floor Leveling

Floor leveling from Admired Home Improvements is an excellent way to ensure that the subfloor of your home or business is perfectly level. This service is particularly important if you are in the market to install new hardwood floors or appliances, as an uneven surface can have a significant effect on the of your home and lead to damage in the long-run. Whether your floor has become uneven as a result of damage to the home’s foundation or simply years of wear and tear, we have the experience, expertise, and proven ability to restore your floor to better than ever before. We have various techniques to level existing floors such as repairing the subfloor or by using self-leveling solutions.